Slip Disc Treatment In Sri Petaling

Slip Disc Treatment In Sri Petaling: Best 3 Personalized Methods

For slipped disc treatments to be effective without surgery, precision targeting with advanced methodologies and breakthrough spine technology. Efficacious slip disc treatment (treatment of bulging, herniated, and protruded discs) must include the 3 best non-surgical methods:

  1. Non-rotatory evidence-based chiropractic treatments
  2. Slipped disc techniques & methods of clinical physiotherapy & rehabilitation
  3. NSD Therapy®

In addition to these 3 methods, you also try to find centers that treat slipped disc patients with spine-specific therapy devices such as spinal decompression, high-intensity laser therapy, and shockwave therapy.

Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil areas of Kuala Lumpur have many chiropractic and physiotherapy centers that treat neck, back, and joint aches or pains. Treating bulging protruded or herniated spinal discs requires specialized skillsets, integrative methods specific for spinal discs, and breakthrough spine technology that can penetrate deep enough to impact the spinal discs, joints, and soft tissues without injections or surgery.

The typical treatment provided through stretching, exercises, cold packs, or electrotherapy is insufficient for healing and reversing a slipped disc. Moreover, you should avoid certain types of treatment or therapies altogether if you have a bulging or herniated disc; we have included the most serious ones below:

  • Avoid any treatment that involves twisting or cracking of your spine with generalized body alignments (tit-tar), rotatory chiropractic methods (Gonstead or Diversified), and Yoga.
  • Stay away from deep tissue massage or strengthening exercises during the initial stages of healing.
  • Never use hot packs as they worsen and prolong the inflammatory stage.

What makes our slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil area better is our personalized integrative methods that combine slipped disc chiropractic treatments with physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and NSD Therapy® protocols.

Our integrative approaches are enriched with specialized therapy devices that aim at damaged tissue non-invasively.

Best clinic for slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling

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Best Slip-Disc Treatment In Sri Petaling

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) offers the best slip disc treatment in the Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil areas of Kuala Lumpur. CSC's methods of care are personalized, integrative, and specialized chiropractic, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy systems. If you want the best alternative to spine surgery, you owe it to yourself to investigate the comprehensive nature of slip disc treatment offered in CSC's Sri Petaling center. 

Our methods are better than competing centers because of our specialized therapy equipment and the NSD Therapy® methods of slipped-disc treatment. NSD Therapy® is a multifaceted advanced method of non-invasive slip-disc care that repairs spinal disc damage. CSC is the only NSD Therapy® center in Malaysia. 

Chiropractic Specialty Center offers holistic, non-invasive slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, from two great locations:

  1. Bukit Damansara (Damansara Heights near Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas)
  2. Sri Petaling for the residents of Sri Petaling, Puchong, and Bukit Jalil

Click on the center nearest to you to WhatsApp us now; give either one of our KL centers a call to schedule a consultation. Consult one of our experts to discover your non-surgical options today: 

  • Damansara Heights Center: +60 17-269-1873
  • Sri Petaling Center: +60 12-695-6939

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Bulging & Herniated Disc Treatment: An Alternative To Spine Surgery

Neck and back patients have alternative options for lasting relief. Our slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling is the most holistic non-surgical approach designed to help you recover faster. Protruded, prolapsed, and extruded discs or lesser-known types of slip discs that some refer to as bulging or disc herniations.

Regardless of the type, you should avoid surgery! Leading experts from world-renowned hospitals in medical schools, including the Harvard School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic, have all published statements on their websites about the importance of non-surgical spine care for patients with bulging and herniated discs.

Holistic slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling can help you recover from disc prolapse, disc protrusions, bulging, and herniation; contact us today!

The only form of a slipped disc that will not respond to a noninvasive method is spinal disc sequestration.

A sequestered disc is the 8th and last stage and slipped disc progression. It results when parts of the nucleus pulposus (the inner soft jelly-like part of the disc) chips off and become a free-floating entity within the spinal canal, making it a surgical emergency. Aside from disc sequestration, the other seven forms of slip discs, including the extruded disc or the early-stage fragmentation, are treatable without surgery.

Where Can You Find The Best Slip Disc Treatment In Sri Petaling & Bukit Jalil Areas?

Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Sri Petaling is your best choice for slip disc treatment. What makes us better is our evidence-based non-rotatory methods and breakthrough technology.

Rotatory methods of chiropractic may damage a disc more. These are where the chiropractor positions a patient on their side and then delivers a thrust along your spine when treating the back. For the neck, the rotatory methods usually involve bedding and tilting with slight truing of the chin before the treatment is given.

The two most common chiropractic techniques for twisting, thrusting, and tilting the spine are the Gonstead and the Diversified methods. Although the Gonstead has less rotation, there are still rotatory movements with a thrust.

Both of which are harmful to a patient with a slip disc. Take our advice; the Gonstead or Diversified techniques are not the best. The most efficient and safest method of chiropractic care is through the combination of Activator Method® with SOT; visit us today to learn the do's & don'ts of chiropractic care and the specialized care you get from slip-disc-specific chiropractors to fix a slipped disc.

Physiotherapy is excellent, but a slipped disc patient needs highly focused physiotherapy to repair a damaged spine. For physiotherapy to benefit a slipped disc, it must be through specialized therapy devices such as:

  • High-intensity laser therapy
  • High-grade spinal decompression therapy (the RxDecom®)
  • Cryo-Thermal therapy
  • Shockwave therapy

These are just a few examples of specialized therapy devices we use to fix and repair a patient's slipped disc. In short, the care you get from us is second to none. As such, we are Malaysia's premier non-surgical slip disc treatment center.

Moreover, You should postpone stretching and strengthening exercises for slipped disc patients until the disc recovers. These are the basics of physiotherapy, which many competing centers neglect. Learn more about proper slipped disc physiotherapy as well as the do's & don'ts by calling us today.

Spine Surgery Is Not A Slip Disc Cure

Patients must understand that spine surgery will not cure a slipped disc because spine surgery is not designed to fix your slipped disc. Spine surgery aims to lessen slipped disc symptoms but never cures it! Most live with some degree of pain or get a second surgical intervention.

The spine surgeon's goal with spine surgery is to decrease the compressive effect of a bulging or herniated disc by cutting portions out. It accomplishes this goal by cutting part of the disc and shaving some of the bone and ligaments near the area where nerves exit the spine. While this method may provide some relief, some would require a second and even third surgical intervention.

A surgical fusion may be recommended for patients with multiple disc herniations and those with severely damaged spinal discs. Surgical fusion requires the use of bone grafts, rods, and screws. Recovery is more arduous and never at 100%.

Surgery should proceed if an effective alternative method of care is ineffective. Therefore, you should seek effective forms of slipped disc treatments with the potential of repairing your damaged disc without invasive procedures. We provide the best and most comprehensive slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling; we can help! Contact us if you live in Puchong, Bukit Jalil, or Sri Petaling.

How to Find the Best Non-Surgical Slip Disc Treatment in Sri Petaling?

Finding the best in any field is not easy. It is even more complex in healthcare. Every center claims to either "have the best" or "be the best." Sadly, it is hard for a layperson to identify the better centers when everyone claims to be the best.

We need to cover spinal disc information before giving you information about slipped disc treatment options. Learning about spinal discs can assist your search in fixing your slip-disc. 

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What Makes Us Better?

Spinal discs are highly specialized structures. Their durable configurations enable us to live active lives. A spinal disc is more than just a rubbery cushion connecting your spinal bones (vertebrae). Spinal discs give us the ability to move with agility. Our ability to have flawless motion, skill, and quickness depends on our spinal discs' health and well-being.

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors fix slipped discs through advanced methods of NSD Therapy® protocols, giving you the best chance for a non-surgical recovery. Our precise methods, treatment techniques, unique protocols, Therapy devices & technologies we use in treatments of slipped discs are highly unique to our centers. We are the only centers in Malaysia to offer NSD Therapy®. Our proven methods have helped thousands make us better than competing centers.

The human spinal disc is a cartilaginous structure with a soft jelly-like interior and a more rigid rubber-like exterior. The jelly-like soft inner component is called the nucleus pulposus. The outer fibers, known as the annulus fibrosus, contain the nucleus pulposus. Together these two structures enable our bodies to function with flawless mobility.

The nucleus pulposus serves as the fulcrum allowing mobility, while the Annular Fibrous corrals the nucleus and connect spinal bones. This connecting ability of the Annulus Fibrous is the reason for the ligament classification of a disc.

Slipped Discs Are Most Common In The Lowe Back And Neck

A slip disc (disc bulge, herniation, prolapse, protrusion, and extrusion) can occur at any of the 23 spinal discs. Slip discs can arise in any segment that has a spinal disc. They are most common in the low back and the neck.

The neck or cervical spine has seven vertebrae (spinal bones). The C1-C2, or the first two spinal segments, is the only one that doesn't have a spinal disc. We have listed the interspinous location of slip-discs in the neck below:

Slip discs in the neck are most common at C5-C6. The C6-C7 and the C4-C5 are the second and third most common sites for slip discs in the neck. CSC's holistic slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling is an excellent alternative to neck surgery.

The lower back is the most common area for a slip-disc. There are five (5) spinal discs (one between each of the five spinal bones). Below is the typical numeral identification representing the segmental position of a spinal disc:

The L4-L5 segment is the lower back's most common slipped disc segment. The L5-S1 and L3-L4 are the second and third most common sites of involvement.  Also, it is not unusual for patients to present with more than one slip-disc.

Chronic neck and back pain patients often present with multiple slip-discs in their neck or lower back. Therefore, getting comprehensive non-surgical care as early as possible is essential. CSC's targeted precession slip disc treatments in Sri Petaling are suitable for any age. We started our Sri Petaling center to help patients in Sri Petaling and those living nearby (Chiropractic & physiotherapy for Bukit Jalil, Cheras, Puchong, or Taman Desa). 

CSC's Slip Disc Treatment In Sri Petaling Is The Best Alternative To Spine Surgery

slip disc treatment for neck pain in Sri Petaling explained by a doctor

Slip-disc treatment differs from therapies or care given for typical neck or back pain patients.

Sound clinical judgment and knowledge are needed to assess an individual with slip-disc correctly. To recover, you need care from experts with in-depth knowledge, a specialized set of skills, and advanced therapy devices that aid in non-surgical recovery. The slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling offered by CSC provides full-fledged customized methods of care. 

Can A Bulging & Herniated Disc Get Fixed By Massage & Bowen Therapy?

Some treatment centers offer chiropractic while competing centers provide medication, physiotherapy, or massage methods such as Bowen therapy.

Massaging and rubbing muscles and ligaments, as in manual therapy, myofascial release, or Bowen therapy, can help alleviate some symptoms but will not fix a herniated or bulging disc. Also, these methods can worsen you as most are not knowledgeable enough to understand the intrinsic factor in spinal disc damage and how to repair them.

Take their statements and claims on their abilities to fix a bulging or herniated disc with a grain of salt. There are zero clinical trials, nor are there any pre or post-therapy MRIs as proof that asserts many of their claims.

Herniated and bulging discs need highly specialized machines and methodologies to repair and reverse. Whether simple or complex, Bowen therapy, massages, and rubdowns are not enough to repair herniated or bulging discs. If such were the case, there wouldn't be fewer surgeries or disabilities caused by bulging or herniated discs. So, before you waste precious time or money, get the treatment you need while you still have a non-surgical route.

Bowen therapy has been around since the 1960s, and during that entire time, we have not seen one clinical trial that shows a slipped disc was reversed, repaired, or fixed by the Bowen technique. 

How Important Is Specialized Therapy Devices For Bulging Discs & Herniated Discs

Therapy devices and technologies that target the disc helps it get more nutrient for repair and recovery. The spinal is an avascular structure, and no amount of medication, injections, exercise, or massage can indue to the inward flow of nutrients into a damaged disc. The only method of infusing nutrients into a spinal disc is through specialized therapy devices such as spinal decompression therapy.

Technology and devices used in the course of your care are necessary. It is just that simple. Using these low grades of technology will undoubtedly bring about inferior results. To conclude, Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Sri Petaling offers the best alternative to spine surgery. CSC's slip disc treatment in Sri Petaling is the most comprehensive method with proven results; contact CSC in Sri Petaling by calling, WhatsApp, or email.

FAQs On Non-Surgical Slip Disc Treatment

Neck pain, Backaches, and shooting pains are common complaints in patients with slipped discs, such as bulging, prolapsed, protrusions, herniation, and extrusion. Many have written our slipped disc treatment center in Sri Petaling with questions about slipped disc treatment. Moreover, most wanted to learn more about treatments and home remedies best for patients with herniated and bulging discs. We have listed some of the most common questions we have received with short answers to help you understand what you need to do to reclaim your life. 

What is the best way to get rid of a bulging disc without spine surgery?

To fix and repair a bulging disc, you need focused methods of integrative care through slip-disc-specific chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, and NSD Therapy®. These three combined methods are collectively the most effective treatment for patients who want a non-surgical option and those who still live in pain after spine surgery.

Can A Bulging Disc Or a Disc Herniation Be Fixed With Massage Or Bowen Therapy?

There are no methods of massage therapy, manual therapy, or Bowen therapy that can fix or reverse a bulging or herniated disc. Moreover, manual slipped disc therapy may worsen your slipped disc depending on the type and severity of your bulges or herniation.

What Is The Single Most Effective Non-surgical Treatment For Bulging & Herniated Discs?

The single most efficient method of treating a slipped disc, including disc bulges and herniation, is through the multi-faceted integrative approaches of NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® combines chiropractic and physiotherapy with care provided through specialized therapy devices and technologies that help your disc recover non-invasively; contact our slip disc treatment center in Sri Petaling for more information.