Slip-Disc Treatment Petaling Jaya

Get advanced slip disc treatment n Petaling Jaya that can help you recover without surgery or injections; contact us today for lasting relief!

Get the Best Non-Surgical Slip-Disc Treatment in Petaling Jaya Today

Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Petaling Jaya offers comprehensive slip-disc treatment. Our methods of care are through the collective efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Best of all, the care you get is through technology that others in Petaling Jaya do not have. So, before you opt for spine surgery, call us. We can help you recover without medication, injections, or spine surgery.

Slip-disc treatments and diagnoses are often flawed! Accurate diagnosis and timely care are critical to regaining and improving function. For a slip-disc treatment to work, you will need expert clinical teams with advanced knowledge and technology. That is where we come in. 


Slip disc occurs when the disc bulge out of its original position due to the damage of the outer rings, which act to maintain the shape and position of the spinal disc.

Spinal discs bulge out due to increased pressure exerted on them, and this process takes place more frequently in people who have degenerated or dehydrated discs. When it is left untreated or if there is further pressure to the damaged disc, the gel-like nucleus in the center of the disc could leak into the spinal cord or to the neural foramina where the spinal nerves exit, resulting in pain, numbness, pins, and needles and so on. 


Here are examples of symptoms commonly reported by our patients:

  • Lower back pain, numbness, soreness
  • Shooting pain or pins and needles in the arms, fingers, back, legs or toes
  • Numbness in the arms or legs
  • Sharp electric shooting pain down the upper back, arms, or legs
  • Neck pain that develops into headaches
  • Neck ache, sharp pain, or soreness
  • Weakness in the arm or leg muscles
  • Sensitivity to touch

The symptoms may vary depending on the severity and location of the slipped disc.

painful areas with slip disc at the neck and back


Do you know you can never be too young or too healthy to get a slip-disc? Another common question we get is: “But I haven’t done anything. How can I get a slip-disc?”

You do not need physical trauma, an accident, a fall, and so on to damage the disc. Unfortunately, our lifestyle habits these days are making us more prone to developing this condition. The lack of sleep (under 6 hours) and lack of activity (prolonged sitting or standing) concurrent with poor postural habit encourage a dehydrated disc to degenerate (wear out) at a quicker rate. 


Here in Chiropractic Specialty Center®, our chiropractic doctors take time studying your medical history before performing a proper physical examination to diagnose your condition as accurately as possible during the first visit. This will dramatically affect the outcome of treatment as slip-disc, and other spinal injuries have very different treatment methods.

We have been helping patients suffering from different spine and disc conditions from Petaling Jaya and beyond. Treatment for slip-disc varies depending on the location of the slip disc and the severity of the damage, so each patient has their tailored treatment plan. Our slip-disc patient in PJ often leaves a treatment session feeling reassured and positive about their healing process. Our slipped-disc treatment methods in Petaling Jaya work better because of our skills, knowledge, and technology.

slip disc treatment without surgery

If you live or work in Petaling Jaya, choose Chiropractic Specialty Center®: Best slip disc treatment in Petaling Jaya.  

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