Slip Disc Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

Slip Disc Treatment In Kuala Lumpur: Sri Petaling & Damansara Heights

Non-surgical slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur Is now possible at 2 convenient locations:

  1. Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Sri Petaling (Bukit Jalil area)
  2. Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Damansara Heights (Bukit Damansara area)

Recovery from a slipped disc with non-surgical methods of care requires expertise, specialized skill sets, advanced slip disc treatment techniques, and therapy technologies. The term slipped disc there's a general freeze descriptive of damage and slippage off spinal disc resulting in compression or impingement of nerves or spinal cord.

The most common type of slip disc includes a bulging or a herniated disc. Aside from herniations or bulges, there are six other classifications for a slipped disc. We draw your attention to a list below that categorizes the eight types of slip discs:

  1. Bulging disc
  2. Disc prolapse
  3. Protruding disc
  4. Ruptured disc
  5. Disc herniation
  6. Extruded disc
  7. Fragmented disc
  8. Sequester disc

For convenience, we have provided links to each of the above 8 various types of slip discs so that you may understand them better. Please visit these pages above, as they provide you with information and a brief video on what each category means.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) is an award-winning chiropractic and physiotherapy center specializing in slipped disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur. CSC's Integrative methods incorporate NSD Therapy® in conjunction with chiropractic, physiotherapy, and advanced slipped disc techniques and technologies. Feel free to contact either one of the two slip disc treatment locations in KL by calling or WhatsApping one of the two centers in Kuala Lumpur:

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Best Slip-Disc Treatment in KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you are searching for the best slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur, you have come to the right place. This article will provide in-depth information on the most effective methods of slipped disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

manual therapy during slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur

Competing centers may offer chiropractic and physiotherapy for patients with slipped discs. In most cases, therapy and treatments are limited due to a lack of specialized skill sets, techniques, or advanced therapy devices such as shockwave therapy, high-intensity laser therapy, spinal decompression therapy, or cryo-thermal therapy by QMD.

Treating spinal disc damage requires specialized methods and therapy technologies to ensure a smooth and rapid healing progression in all three stages. For the spinal disc to heal, it must go through the three phases of recovery described below:

  1. Inflammatory phase: The inflammatory stage is the initial and most crucial step in healing a slipped disc. The inflammatory phase may last 24-72 hours if you get proper and targeted treatment. The inflammatory phase lasting longer than 72 hours prevents healing and may cause further damage. 
  2. Repair phase: The repair phase starts after the inflammatory stage subsides. In this stage, torn discs and damaged discs are repaired. The repair phase will not start unless the inflammatory stage stops; that is where competing centers fail. 
  3. Remodeling: The remodeling phase or stage is the last step for lasting recovery from slipped discs. In this stage, supportive tissues and joints are stabilized and strengthened to help you get lasting relief from slipped disc pain. 

Get Treated By Kuala Lumpur's Award-Winning Chiropractors & Physiotherapists

Herniated and bulging disc treatment require specialized methods, skillsets, knowledge, and technology. The typical neck and back pain care given at competing centers for slipped discs will not work. It may decrease some of your pain but fails to fix or correct the underlying source of your symptoms.

To avoid flare-ups or situations where your slipped disc worsens, treat it with a holistic method that has a proven record. Contact us today for more information. 

We provide the best slip disc treatment in K; choose Sri Petaling or Bukit Damansara. Our slip disc treatment center in Sri Petaling and our main center in Damansara Heights are fully equipped with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment center that offers specialized care through advanced methods and breakthrough technology; we get you better faster!

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Slip Disc Treatment Requires Specialized Skillset, Expertise & Technology

integrative slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur

A bulging, herniated, or excluded discs are complicated and challenging neck and back disorders requiring specialized skillsets, expertise, and therapy devices to repair tears, slippage, and damage of the spinal discs and joints without injections or surgery.

The first stage is to identify the severity of the damage and its locations. The next step is to target the damaged tissue to help it go through the three stages of healing mentioned above without delay.

An MRI is the only means of identifying the severity and location of damaged spinal discs. Once the MRI assessment is done, you need a non-surgical center with expertise in reading and assessing the diagnostic imaging you did through MRI. Centers that rely on reading the MRI report will miss the fine details often not mentioned in the report. Therefore, make sure to ask if the one assessing you has the qualification and educational background to read the MRI.

The next step is therapy and treatments focusing on damaged discs, including any tears that may be present. The initial stage of treatment must not be through exercise or stretching. You should commence exercise and stretches in the repair and remodeling stages. However, some therapy centers start with exercise, stretching, and strengthening in the initial stage. As a result, most of these patients experience more pain and will eventually have surgery.

What are the Hallmarks of a Good Slipped Disc Treatment Program?

The best treatment for a patient with a slipped disc is an evidence-based method that helps repair and recover through the three stages of healing.

Characteristics or hallmarks of a good slipped disc treatment program include specificity and precision in all stages of healing. Below is a list of what you need to avoid if you have a slipped disc:

  1. Avoid any bending or twisting treatments
  2. Avoid heating packs or therapies
  3. Don't do Yoga, bending, twisting, or extension exercises
  4. Stay away from Tit-Tar it is too aggressive for a slipped disc and may worsen
  5. Avoid the Gonstead or Diversified methods of chiropractic as it may exacerbate bulging or herniated discs

Competing centers often start patients with deep heat, massage, stretching, and twisting movements. While these may help the typical neck or back pain patient, they worsen those with bulging, protruded, and herniated discs. Contact one of the two centers mentioned at the top of this page for more information about slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur that repairs the damaged spinal disc without surgery; we can help!

Can Physiotherapy Alone Help A Slip-Disc Patient?

Physiotherapy is great. There is no question when it comes to that. The thing we got to question is what type of physiotherapy is best for a slip-disc? Malaysia, like most other Southeast Asian countries, has an abundance of physiotherapy centers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of centers in Kl (Malaysia) provide general physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy services provided in hospital setting are all geared towards surgical intervention. In other words, don't expect a surgical center to fix your slip-disc without spine surgery. It wouldn't make good "dollars and cents." Surgical centers in Kuala Lumpur are like those in any other city or country: they focus on intervention through spine surgery! However, spine surgery has been proven not as effective as conservative treatment. With this is mind, the best options for non-surgical treatment of a slip-disc are advanced non-surgical treatments at Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

Is it Possible To Offer The BEST Slip-Disc Treatment In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia With General (Basic) Physiotherapy?

Basic physiotherapy can't be a useful means of standalone treatment for those suffering from a slip-disc! For the most part, physiotherapy fails to provide needed improvements for those with a slipped disc- patients who have slipped discs require a particular form of physiotherapy. A Slip-Disc patient should undergo treatments that target damaged spinal discs and the tissues that surrounded them. Targeted physiotherapy treatments of a slip-disc are possible in specialized centers or centers that have dedicated slip-disc physiotherapists.

Yet, many physiotherapy centers start their slip-disc patients with general stretching and exercise programs. Premature or unspecific stretching and strengthening often damage the disc more. If you are a slip-disc patient, you will need to make sure the care you get is through the clinical efforts of those familiar with a slip-disc. In other words, you do not want basic or general physiotherapy. This is an important point to remember, as many centers don't know how a disc gets damaged, let alone will what to do for a disc when it is damaged or injured.

Physiotherapy and Slip-Dis Treatment in Malaysia

Slip Disc Treatment in KL Without Surgery

While competing centers in Malaysia offer slipped-disc treatments, few provide targeted conservative treatment that repairs a damaged spinal disc. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is not just a chiropractic center but also a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. Despite the name, Chiropractic Specialty Center® has more clinical physiotherapists than chiropractors. There are two to three times as many physiotherapists as chiropractors in any of the several centers in the Klang Valley. 

However, physiotherapy as stand-alone means of care for slip-disc is not enough. Even if you end up with a great team of physiotherapists, you may not fully recover, as the benefits you get may be limited or short-lived! Opting for diagnosis-specified, targeted physiotherapy over general physiotherapy is always essential.

How to Fix a Slip-Disc Without Spine Surgery?

To fix and repair a slipped disc, you need specialized treatment from a team with expertise and breakthrough therapy devices. There are no shortcuts or magical therapy methods. Treating a slipped disc is highly challenging. Our advice is to seek centers that specialize in non-surgical interventions.

Most important, avoid getting non-surgical slipped disc treatment from hospitals. In general, hospitals concentrate on surgical interventions. Besides, they prefer treating slipped disc patients through surgery, which benefits them more. 

In addition to getting the proper care, you will also need to make some lifestyle modifications:

  • Stop slouching and start sitting upright
  • Avoid hunching over laptops or cell phones for extended periods
  • Don't bend or twist at all; it will tear up your disc fast
  • Do not put heat packs on your neck or back if you have slipped discs
  • Ice your back or neck for 10-minutes two to three times a day. Make sure to wrap the ice pack in a cloth and never ice longer than 15-minutes.

Contact us today if you want the best slipped disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur. Get treated by experts who have succeeded thousands of times over the last 15 years. 

Slipped Disc Treatment:

Get the type of slip disc that retracts and repairs slip discs without surgery. CSC's advanced methods of slip disc care and specialized therapy equipment are better than physiotherapy, chiropractic, or spine surgery.

best methods of slip disc treatment in KL without surgery

Effective treatments for slip-discs differ from treatments used for mechanical back or neck pain. Hence, we at only recommend centers that have specialized chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment technology with clinically collaborative teams. Recovery from a slipped disc is hard, but treatments without the needed technology or a combined clinical team make it mission impossible!

Yet, the vast majority of competing centers treating slipped discs ignore this fact. As a result, most of the patients who get primary, non-targeted, slip-disc care opt for surgical intervention; hence the importance of a diagnosis specifically targeting non-invasive treatments can address and correct the root cause of the slipped disc.

Get Treated By A Fantastic 5-Star Slip Disc Team In KL

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has a fantastic team of clinical physiotherapists. The Center's team outshines others because of the training and educational programs it provides for the team.

Additionally, mandatory research projects are ongoing for every clinical team member. The center's clinical team is the model we use for judging other centers. The extensive training that the center provides each team member improves its clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

The critical component of a successful slipped disc treatment is targeted care based on an accurate diagnosis!

Too much of anything is not okay, and this is where competing centers go wrong. They work on every muscle with no specificity. Their non-specific means of care could be due to a lack of understanding of the patient's condition or because they are merely following a treatment protocol established by their center. It is about time people start realizing that no two individuals are the same.

Everyone is unique with different conditions, so the treatments must be given accordingly. In other words, if you want to get rid of your slipped disc, you need diagnosis-specific therapies targeted and delivered through a collaborative team of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

To conclude this section, we wish to remind everyone that the best slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is found at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Visit the website of Chiropractic Specialty Center®.

The Importance Of A Targeted Conservative Treatment For Slip-Disc

There is no doubt about the efficacy of chiropractic when treating spine and joint disorders. Scientific research has time and time again proved the benefits of chiropractic treatments. However, a slip-disc patient requires more than just chiropractic.

Traditional chiropractic is excellent for minor misalignments of spinal bones, but a slipped disc results from multiple malfunctions, one of which is the malpositioning of the spinal bones. So, the traditional chiropractic care where the chiropractor adjusts your neck or back once on each side is ineffective for a slip-disc, as the procedure only improves alignment.

The chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Center® recommend avoiding the traditional rotatory chiropractic adjustments altogether.

The rotatory spinal adjustments are those given while turning the head and neck to the right or left while on the back; it is when the chiropractor places you on your side and then twists your lower body to deliver the treatment that the rotatory action or position of the neck or the low back can potentially harm or damage a spinal disc more.

It is even more true for those with torn annular fiber (torn spinal discs).    

Chiropractic Adjustment and Slip-Disc (Slipped Disc)

The chiropractic treatment known as an “adjustment” can help align spinal bones. A chiropractic adjustment can contribute to decreasing the stresses placed on a spinal disc. Still, by and large, it is impossible to retract or repair a slip-disc even if you were to have thousands of chiropractic treatment sessions. But yet, some chiropractors continually perform the adjustment day after day for those that have a slip-disc.

Spinal “Adjustments” coupled with targeted slipped-disc treatments can help, but it becomes limited at best as a standalone. An adjustment alone can reduce pain and make you feel good, but little will it do for the slip-disc! Hence, the patient keeps returning, week after week, while the slipped disc worsens. Much like physiotherapy as a standalone form of care, Chiropractic has failed to produce results. 

Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy Enables Them To Offer You The Best Slip-Disc Treatment

Although chiropractic treatments can alleviate the pain and most discomfort, a slipped-disc sufferer will need physiotherapy and specialized treatments on devices similar to the RxDecom®, VaxD, or DRX 9000. In short, as wonderfully unique as a chiropractic adjustment is, it is not enough.

If you are looking for the best non-invasive means of slip-disc treatments, then find a center that offers care through advanced spinal decompression, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitation. If you live in Malaysia, the best slip disc treatment center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is Chiropractic Specialty Center®.  

BEST Slip-Disc Treatment,

is Possible ONLY Through a Targeted and Non-Rotatory Chiropractic Treatment Enhanced by Clinical Physiotherapy and Technology; Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy

advanced slip disc treatment in Kuala lumpur by RxDecom

We feel that chiropractic, much like physiotherapy, is insufficient to fix or repair the disc unless chiropractors join their clinical efforts with physiotherapists and specific therapy technologies that target a slipped disc.

The best treatment device is Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy. Spinal Decompression Therapy started in the late 1970s. It has evolved and improved significantly. Several published research articles established the effectiveness of older versions of spinal decompression therapy.

Newer devices like RxDecom® have proven effective even in severe slip-disc cases, such as cases of an extruded disc. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the only center in Malaysia that offers treatment through NSD Therapy® and RxDecom®.

Spinal decompression therapy has evolved significantly. Today’s Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy devices are superior to traction therapy, intermittent pelvic traction devices, or older decompression therapy systems.

RxDecom® is an advanced decompression therapy device that is useful even in severe cases. We have reviewed clinical data of patients with acute disc extrusions who CSC successfully treated with NSD Therapy® protocols via RxDecom®.

NSD Therapy® is the best and most advanced slip-disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. NSD Therapy® combines treatments on the RxDecom® with the care you get through physiotherapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitation. 

Chiropractic slip disc treatment of elderly women

The Chiropractic Adjustment (Chiropractic Treatment) And Slip-Disc

Conventional chiropractic adjustments performed manually by delivering a thrust into a fixated and misaligned spinal segment help restore motion and mobility but are ineffective for a slip-disc. The traditional chiropractic treatments known as the “side-posture adjustment” can harm and worsen a slip-disc. For this reason, many new-age clinical, research-based chiropractors avoid the rotatory and “side posture adjustments” for slipped-disc patients.

The traditional or general chiropractic practitioners, who apply the rotational correction, do so for pain. While the procedure can help realign a segment and even reduce most discomfort, it can harm the spinal disc, especially if there are annular tears. Annular tears are the primary reason the “side-posture adjustments” should never be delivered to a damaged spinal disc. Once you have learned more about “annular tears,” you will understand why our care methods work better.

Spinal disc damage is nothing to joke about or to take lightly. For treatments to work, they must be specific, based on diagnosis, and non-aggressive. Hence, placing a patient in a side posture with a forceful thrust applied may be detrimental to a slip-disc patient, especially if there are instabilities in the spinal disc or spinal joints.

For disc patients, a handheld adjusting device known as an “Activator” will always work better because it avoids damaging or irritating a slipped disc. An Activator provides a highly targeted, specific, and gentle impulse of force to realign the vertebrae (spinal segment).

Your First Step To Slip-Disc Recovery is Finding The BEST Center for Slip-Disc Treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Get integrative therapy options that incorporate the best chiropractic combined with clinical physiotherapy today. Our chiropractors fix slipped discs through specialized non-rotatory methods of chiropractic. And our customized physiotherapy restores the slipped discs through specialized therapy devices and advanced methodologies for lasting relief.

Choosing chiropractic for your spinal conditions is just the first step, but choosing the right chiropractor for your slipped disc is also essential. Call Chiropractic Specialty Center® at 03 2093 1000. They are the best chiropractors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chiropractic Specialty Center’s knowledge, skills, and technology enable them to offer you the best slip-disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

FAQs On Slip Disc Treatment In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many centers offer slip disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur. The best center for slipped disc treatment in KL is Chiropractic Specialty Centre® (CSC). IN the FAQ section below, we have compiled some of the top questions about slip discs (bulging and herniated discs) and provided answers to them to help you understand what you need to do to recover fast with lasting relief.

Is chiropractic better than physiotherapy for slip discs?

Chiropractic and physiotherapy are two of the most sought-after treatment programs for slipped discs. If you must choose between a physio & a chiro, choose a chiropractor or physiotherapist with many years of experience. In some instances, a chiropractor is best, especially if they treat patients with slipped discs through the Activator chiropractic method (a non-rotatory process without twisting or cracking the spine). Combining chiropractic with physiotherapy gives you the leveraging benefit that chiropractic and physiotherapy may not have when provided separately.

What type of medication or injection fix or cure a slip disc?

There are no medications that repair slipped discs. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications such as painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory don't have curative capabilities. While this can reduce pain, swelling, and tightness in muscles, they will not fix or repair a damaged disc. Fixing or curing a slipped disc requires active therapy and treatment programs that leverage the beneficial impacts of focused chiropractic combined with physiotherapy.

What type of spine surgery cures a slipped disc?

Slip disc surgery (spine surgery) may eliminate the pain or symptoms, but surgery is not a cure. In some instances, patients may continue to have some symptoms following surgery. As such, often, patients have multiple surgeries to cope with the pain of slipped disc. Curing slipped disc is extremely difficult and maybe possible with combined physiotherapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitation methods.

Should I use a heat pack or ice pack for the slip disc?

Heat therapy and hot-packs are ideal for muscle-related issues such as muscle spasms and not for acute conditions such as slipped discs or other forms of the spine and joint disorders with an inflammatory response (swelling). A slipped disc is an inflammatory disorder that responds best to ice therapy and ice packs. Hot packs or heat therapy can worsen the inflammatory process, causing additional disc damage. Icing the slipped disc for 15 minutes every two hours can help. Make sure to wrap the ice pack with a cloth before use. Also, never ice longer than 15 minutes as icing longer than 15-minutes causes damage.