Slip-Disc Cure That Gets Rid Of Pain & Symptoms Without Surgery

When we talk about slip disc cure, we speak about getting rid of the pain and symptoms of a slipped disc without surgery. There is no 100% cure for a slipped disc. It doesn't exist with surgery or therapy.

Increasing Your Chances For A Slip-Disc Cure

Let’s get to the point right from the start: NSD Therapy® is your best non-surgical option to fix a slip-disc. The so-called slip-disc cure and treatment options offered by most are not lasting.  We have seen many patients that have come to our center complaining of failed treatments they received from chiropractorsphysiotherapists, and spine surgeons. Read this page in its entirety if you or a loved one suffers from a slip-disc. Our goal is to provide information and recommendations that can help you find centers that can actually fix and repair your slip-disc without surgery. Surgery should be the last option.

The best of the non-surgical treatment options for a slip-disc is NSD Therapy®. It would help if you exhausted all your alternative means before you even began contemplating the process of spinal surgery. We will cover this and much more in the coming sections.

Before we get too far, slip-disc is fast becoming the most common health issue. Sufferers often seek a slip-disc cure from multiple healthcare providers in hopes of fixing and repairing the damage. Unfortunately, for most finding a slip-disc cure has been mission impossible. Many have sought relief through medications or therapy only to be let down. Medication has failed to produce lasting relief, as has the most physiotherapy or chiropractic center. Most centers are either equipped poorly, or lack the skill or knowledge to offer an effective alternative to drugs or surgery. As a result, most slip-disc sufferers have had to live with their pain. We hope to change that by listing the best of the centers that treat slip-disc in every city. 

lady looking at NSD THerapy for slip disc cure and recovery

NSD Therapy® Can Fix and Repair Your Slip-Disc

Our goal is to make known the identity of centers with greater skills, knowledge, and experience. Additionally, we want to help you identify therapy methods and procedures that are ineffective or, worse, harmful. A slip-disc cure is possible without surgery or medication. The key to success is getting the proper care as early as possible and avoiding those with the potential of making you worse. We will cover the conventional treatment and therapy options most sufferers seek, followed by what we believe is the best and most useful means of a slip-disc cure.

Living in a society where one regularly gets bombarded with pharmaceutical ads daily is not helpful. The ads have worked. Today, medication is the most common treatment sought by a slip-disc patient. Unfortunately, a slip-disc cure through medicine is a false hope painted by the profiteering brush!

Medication Fails to Provide a Slip-Disc Cure

The harmful side effects of slip-disc medications and injections have become more dangerous than the slip-disc itself. Medications, including those delivered through injections (epidural injections), have failed miserably to provide lasting relief. Too many have taken painkillers that acutely killed them instead of killing the pain. One such drug was Vioxx, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). In addition to killing thousands, it has caused an unknown number of heart attacks, heart diseases, and strokes. Instead of killing the pain, it killed people in pain! So, the next time someone brags about the safety of NSAIDs, remind them what Merck did with their so-called “Silver Bullet.”,

We hope the information on drugs was sufficient in elaborating the shortfalls of medication about a slipped-disc cure, fixes, or repair. Aside from drugs, another common path taken by most is the invasive route. Spinal surgery has had minimal long-term benefits and as such many are recommending that slip-disc sufferers exhaust effective non-operative means before even considering an operative intervention.  

Surgery and Slip-Disc Cure

Post-surgical complications and ruined surgical procedures are more common than some doctors want you to know. Aside from complications and surgical errors, many find life after spine surgery difficult. Almost all surgical spine patients have to live with some form of limitation. Successful surgical outcomes are far lower than what most surgeons would have you believe.

The majority of slip-disc patients are never informed that they may need subsequent surgical interventions. In fact, some are led to think that the procedure they are about to have will fix and cure them once and for all. We have seen many that have had three or more surgical interventions and yet still lived in pain. Their story never makes headlines because it is all too common. Surgical failure rate, post-surgical complications, post-surgical limitations, and subsequent surgical interventions constitute a few reasons why many researchers, hospitals, and surgeons are discouraging spine surgery. 

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Get a Slip-Disc Cure by Holistic Fixing and Repairing of Damaged Tissues

Nowadays, killer medication, horrific injectable, botched-up surgical interventions, and inefficient non-invasive treatment procedures are just some of the many hurdles a slip-disc patient needs to overcome. Far too many live needlessly with the pain of slip-disc. The good news is that slip-disc can be treated and even repaired and fixed without surgery, medication, or injections. The Clinic or Therapy center you go to is key to the success of your non-invasive treatment options. If the center where you get your care has the technology needed and the clinical staff is backed by clinical teams of experts like Chiropractic Specialty Center®, you are in good hands. But, when the care you get is from a run-of-the-mill center or clinics that offer general back pain or neck pain care is wasteful at best.

The best centers are those that provide a holistic means of care. Holistic slip-disc treatments are targeted treatments and procedures that fix the root cause of the slip-disc. In other words, it repairs every aspect of the damage or injury present within your spinal disc. Holistic care is impossible unless it is through technologically advanced therapeutic devices backed by an expert clinical team. NSD Therapy is the best and most comprehensive means of slip-disc treatment to fix your discs.

Thus, a slipped-disc cure is impossible unless the care you get is from a clinical team with the expertise, experience, knowledge, and technology that can help repair the damaged spinal disc tissues.

Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery

Separating the Good Slip-Disc Treatment Clinics from the Bad

Too often, we hear and get to know of centers that claim to be experts in the non-invasive and non-surgical fields of the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these centers are ill-equipped, poorly skilled, and lack sufficient knowledge or experience to back up their claim. We wish we could expose each of these centers right here and now. It would make it so much easier to list the bad centers and clinics rather than give information to identify these by yourself. But, living in litigates society prevents us from listing these centers and clinics. However, we can give you information that will help you identify the good from the bad. Additionally, we are adding and expanding the list of clinics and centers that our team has vetted. You can check the “Contact Us” page for our latest update.

How to Identify the BEST Slip-Disc Professional?

Professionals and semi-professionals from distinct and separate healthcare fields have had varying degrees of success in the treatments of slipped-disc patients. Some have made a significant impact, while others have barely made an impact. We understand that most of you will have difficulty identifying the proper healthcare professionals possessing the required skills and knowledge to fix and repair a slipped disc. We hope to change that by giving you the tools you need to find an expert who can help your recovery. Time is critical. The sooner you start an effective therapy and treatment program, the better your chances of recovery.

Nowadays, everybody is an expert. Anyone with a camera can become an expert. Youtube made sure of that, and unfortunately, those that turn to these types of portals may at times get advice from the self-proclaimed expert who, in reality, has little to no clinical knowledge.  In fact, many will not even know how a spinal disc gets damaged.  However, they are not just on Youtube; they also practice in clinics and centers worldwide. Cities and townships are overrun and littered with mediocre GPs, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. In some circles, meritocracy is the new standard in healthcare. You need to be aware of these fellows and avoid them by expanding your understanding of slipped discs and how a disc gets damaged.

It is hard to believe that there are centers that do not understand or cannot verbalize the reasons or steps of how a spinal disc gets damaged

It may be unbelievable, but Meritocracy is the new normal. There are far too many family doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists (physiotherapists), and osteopaths that claim to have the skills but lack knowledge. Some may not even fully understand the anatomy of a disc or its nutritional requirements. It is far better to avoid these individuals.  Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best explanation of how a disc gets damaged. You can use the knowledge Chiropractic Specialty Center's website to test your family doctor, chiropractor, or physiotherapist. If they cannot tell you the steps of how a disc gets damaged, avoid them.

TRUE Spinal Decompression Therapy: The BEST of the None-Surgical Slip-Disc Treatment Option

Over the years, many non-invasive procedures, technologies, and treatment options have come and gone. To date, the most effective non-invasive therapy procedure is spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression therapy was launched in the 1980s. Ever since it has improved the lives of many slip-disc patients dramatically. Over the years and with the advent of computers, software programming, smart devices, and other technologies have improved spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression therapy can succeed even if surgery fails. It is better than any form of traction. Unlike a traction device, spinal decompression is controlled and delivered through specialized sensors,  customized software, and other technological advances, giving spinal decompression a built-in intelligence not seen in spinal traction. True Spinal Decompression rendered by the skilled and knowledgeable clinical team can offer patients the slip-disc cure they need. 

Spinal Decompression Therapy is the best and most sought-after treatment option that can help repair and fix your slip-disc without surgery or injection. It is the option your surgeon and a few of the hospitals do not want you to know. However, even the best spinal decompression therapy device is ineffective as a stand-alone method of care. For Spinal Decompression Therapy to work, you will need an effective clinical team. Technology is good, but it is great in the hands of those that possess skills and knowledge. Slip-Disc Cure is possible but needs urgent proper care. Our advice is to visit one of our centers.

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