Slip Disc Cure From Aches & Pains

Slipped Disc Cure For Pain Without Surgery Or Injections

Slipped disc cure from aches & pains or numbness and tingling down the arms or back is possible if you choose the right option and maintain a consistent treatment program. Treating bulging, herniated, and extruded disc is complex, requiring specialized skillsets, knowledge, and therapy devices for a slipped disc.

If you are looking for a lasting slipped disc cure from the pain and symptoms it causes, you need to focus on the root causes and have them repaired. However, you must know that a damaged disc can’t become perfectly normal again. Proper therapy programs and treatments can undo and restore damage to muscle, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs but will never constitute a perfect cure.

The typical neck and back pain treatment for patients with slipped discs is not effective in providing lasting relief. While some may give relief of symptoms, they will not be lasting relief. For lasting relief from slipped disc symptoms, you need slip-disc-specific treatments.

Most importantly, for therapy to be considered a slip-disc-specific method, it shall not be provided with twisting, stretching, or popping your spine. Aggressive and rotatory treatments often offered to patients with typical back or neck issues may be hazardous to those with bulging, herniated, or extruded discs (slipped discs).

The best and most efficacious slipped disc cure from aches and pains is through NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® is an integrative non-invasive slipped disc treatment system that combines chiropractic and physiotherapy through specialized therapy and treatment equipment. NSD Therapy® protocols aim to get you better by repairing as much of the damage as possible.

The Best 3 Best Conservative Treatments Options For Lasting Relief!

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Our goal is to help you understand your non-surgical options. Spine surgery is an option that should be reserved as the last option. The 3 best options for a patient wanting to be slipped disc cure from aches and pains include:

  1. Slipped-disc-specific methods of chiropractic treatment
  2. Focused Clinical physiotherapy without irritating or aggravating the damaged or injured disc
  3. NSD Therapy® is a multi-facet therapy protocol provided with specialized therapy devices

There are no shortcuts to getting your bulging or herniated disc from hurting or causing your pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness.

To recover, you need experts in the non-surgical treatment of slipped discs. Typically, chiropractic treatment is often provided through the Gonstead or Diversified methods. These two methods are unsuitable as they irritate discal injured tissues. Any time you stress the disc, healing stops, or worse, the injury worsens. As such, treatments that incorporate twisting the spine or thrusting onto the spine directly or indirectly to a point where the spinal bones in mobilized aggressively are harmful.

The typical physiotherapy in competing centers for slipped disc patients involves stretching and exercising the spine and extremities. While stretching and strengthening exercises are great for mechanical neck pain and back issues, they harm patients with slipped discs.

NSD Therapy® is a relatively recent method incorporating the use of specialized therapy devices and technologies to help in the healing and repairing process of injured spinal discs.

Stretching & Exercise For Slipped Disc Patients

Chiropractors and physical therapists must avoid stretching the hamstrings, can calves, and quadriceps of patients presenting with slipped discs in the lower back. Similarly, they should not be stretching you or giving exercises for the neck, chest, upper back, or arms of patients with slip-discs in their necks.

Bulging, prolapsed, protruded, ruptured, herniated, extruded, and fragments discs are the various types of slipped discs found in the neck and lower back. Regardless of the sort, there will always be some tears within the disc. Doctors and therapists not mindful of this may cause more damage or lengthen your recovery time.

To help drive this point home, we provide an example of a sprained ankle. Sprains are tears in ligaments, and a sprained ankle is a situation where one or more of the ankle’s ligaments is partially or fully torn.

Now, you would not go to the gym and start exercising a sprained ankle or stretching aggressively in the hope of making the pain disappear! If this is true, why would you exercise a slipped disc or aggressively stretch these areas? A slipped disc is a condition resulting from tears in spinal discs. The tears are either microscopic or frank.

Frank tears are readily observed on MRI assessment and reported as “annual tears.” However, the MRI assessment is not sensitive enough to identify small rips or tears or microscopic tears. As such, if you are diagnosed with a slipped disc, you should always assume that there are tears. If your doctor or therapist is not following this rule, they may be outdated in their knowledge or lack the expertise you believe they have.

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Is Spine Surgery A Cure For The Slipped Disc?

Post-surgical complications and failed slipped disc surgeries are more common than some doctors want you to know. Aside from complications and surgical errors, many find life after spine surgery difficult.

Almost all surgical spine patients have to live with some degree of stiffness, discomfort, pain, or paresthesias (numbness & tingling). Successful surgical outcomes are far lower than what most surgeons would have you believe.

Some slipped disc patients believe surgery is a slipped disc cure. As much as we wish, spine surgery is not a slipped disc cure. However, slipped disc surgery and spine surgery are options with effective methods such as NSD Therapy® that fail to get you better.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has been treating bulging, herniated, and extruded disc patients for over 15 -years, with a high success rate compared to competing centers. Contact us today for a thorough assessment and consultation with one of our clinical team members. Discover the non-surgical alternative that can give you a lasting slipped disc cure from aches and pain; we can help.