Chiropractors Can Fix Slip Discs With Non-Rotatory Methods

Yes, chiropractors can fix slip discs without surgery through specialized non-rotatory methods of chiropractic combined with physiotherapy and customized rehabilitation.

Clinical Research-Based Chiropractic Treatments of a Slip-Disc

Chiropractors have been treating slip-disc patients for over a century. In general, Chiropractic care has proven its’ effectiveness when it comes to patients that suffer from neck painback pain, sports injuries, or joint pain. But, yet the slip-disc patients have been proven difficult for most chiropractors. However, the difficulty is not a chiropractic phenomenon but rather one that encompasses the entire field of healthcare.

The lack of effective non-surgical treatment for slip-disc has haunted non-surgical centers for decades. Although chiropractors have been most effective in alleviating some of the discomforts, they have not reversed or repaired the damage caused by a slipped disc through chiropractic alone. The good news is that was then, and this is now. Today, advanced evidence-based chiropractic methods are set to change the course of spine and joint care. Modern chiropractors rely on research, knowledge and formulate target-specific treatment based on a patient's specific needs.

How Evidence-Based Chiropractors Fix Slip Discs?

As mentioned, chiropractic as a stand-alone method will not be able to fix a slipped disc. And neither can physiotherapy as a stand-alone method of care. However, a combined and specialized physiotherapy and chiropractic method can heal slipped discs without surgery or injections.

Slipped discs are difficult conditions to treat. Physiotherapists and chiropractors treating slip-disc patients need specialized therapy devices, skill sets, and non-surgical slipped disc treatment expertise. Non-surgical recovery is possible when the root causes of a slip-disc get fixed holistically.

Competing centers' mistakes are common, especially when treating slipped disc pateints through the same methods they use for mechanical neck and back pain. Mechanical neck and back pain are conditions that result from muscle, ligament, or joint problems. They rarely involve the disc. Mechanical neck and back pain conditions are more manageable than a slip-disc. However, a long-standing mechanical neck and back pain can cause the spinal disc to slip. And once a mechanical back or neck pain changes into a slipped disc, so should the treatment.

A slipped disc is a weak disc whose fibers are damaged and torn. Evidence-based physiotherapists and chiropractors who fix slipped discs avoid bending and twisting the spine during treatments or exercises. Bending and twisting or the spine through rotatory chiropractic methods, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation damages the spinal disc. Rotary chiropractic techniques by Gonstead chiropractors or Diversified technique practitioners are great examples of harmful ways that can worsen a slip-disc.

chiropractor fixing slip disc without surgery in Malaysia

Integrative Slip Disc Treatment By Evidence-based Chiropractors Combined With Clinical physiotherapists & Advanced Spine Technology Is Critical For A Non-Surgical Recovery!

Recovering from slip discs is possible through a specialized method of integrative therapies that combines chiropractic with physiotherapy and customized rehabilitation. Physiotherapists and chiropractors can fix slip discs when they work side-by-side. However, to fix and repair spinal disc damage, chiropractors and physiotherapists need to use medical and therapy equipment. Specialized therapy devices help repair damaged tissues, joints, and spinal disc damage better when incorporated through a customized integrative therapy program. 

Chiropractic is a great field, but some chiropractors are better when compared to others. Chiropractic is no different than any other field in healthcare. There are the good ones and even some great ones out there. You should try your best to find the best one you can in your city or township. In our opinion, the chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Centers® (CSC) are among the best of the best. Yes, we are a bit biased with our views, but even so, none is better.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Kuala Lumpur has treated thousands of patients with slip-discs successfully over the last 15-years. They have succeeded because of their evidence-based methods of physiotherapy combined with chiropractic. And, just as important, CSC's use of specialized therapy devices such as laser therapy, shockwave therapy, NSD Therapy®, and sophisticated spinal decompression therapy device (the RxDecom®) has played a critical role in their successes. 

man watching video of how chiropractors can fix a slip disc without surgery

Doctors of Chiropractic Are Not All Equal

Some chiropractors practice in non-integrative settings offering only chiropractic treatments, much like 1895: they only do spinal manipulations.  Spinal manipulation or a chiropractic adjustment is a treatment a chiropractor gives to their patient. Some chiropractors prefer the hands-on methods of Adjustments, while others prefer an instrumentally assisted type of adjustment: both having positives and negatives sides.

But, the downside of a manually rendered adjustment (treatment) is that it is too aggressive and could harm or hurt a patient. In fact, it is suggested by many that the manual means of chiropractic treatments can damage and make a slipped disc more symptomatic or worsen the slipped disc even more.

What Type Of Chiropractors Can Fix Slip Disc? 

And for this very reason, the manual chiropractic treatments of a slip-disc have not only failed but at times have worsened symptoms and clinical outcomes for few patients.

The mechanically assisted method of the chiropractic adjustment is getting more popular. One of the most researched means of chiropractic treatment is the instrumentally assisted method through the Activator chiropractic adjustment. The “Activator Methods” of spinal manipulations has dramatically changed successes in chiropractic treatments of a slip-disc.

Activator treatments are painless and significantly lower in aggressiveness. The Activator methods have proven superior to the Gonstead and Diversified methods to avoid twisting or bending the spine during treatments.

The gentler, more patient-friendly Activator has enabled chiropractors to manipulate and mobilize spinal bones and soft tissues without stressing the spinal disc or nerve.

To conclude, chiropractors can fix slip-disc, but they must be targeted, non-rotatory, and coupled with physiotherapy and advanced spine-specific technology.

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