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Clinical Chiropractor And Slip-Disc

chiropractors fixing slip-disc

Clinical Research-Based Chiropractic Treatments of a Slip-Disc

Chiropractors have been treating slip-disc patients for over a century. In general Chiropractic care has proven its’ effectiveness when it comes to patients that suffer from neck pain, back pain, sports injuries or joint pain. But, yet the slip-disc patients have been proven difficult for most chiropractors. However, the difficulty is not a chiropractic phenomenon, but rather one that encompasses the entire field of healthcare.

chiropractors fixing slip disc

Doctors of Chiropractic Are Not All Equal

Some Chiropractors practice in purely chiropractic centers. In other words, much like 1895: they only do spinal manipulations.  A spinal manipulation is a treatment a chiropractor gives to his or her patient. The term given to this type of treatment is a “Chiropractic Adjustment.” Some chiropractors prefer the hands-on methods of Adjustments, while others prefer an instrumentally assisted type of an adjustment: both having positives and negatives sides.

chiropractors fixing slip disc
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