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Our slip-disc archives bring you articles and posts about non-surgical slipped disc treatment. Slip disc treatment without surgery or injections needs specificity and precise targeting. Chiropractors and physiotherapists with expertise, specialized skill sets, and spine-specific therapy devices are your best option for an alternative to spine surgery.

Spine surgery should be your last option, as it involves risks and complications. However, you should carefully review any therapy program before getting started. Don’t waste time on standard physiotherapy or general chiropractic treatments.

General chiropractic treatments such as those given through Gonstead or Diversified rotatory methods are not specific enough in targeting a slipped disc. Also, these rotatory methods of spinal manipulations or adjustments (chiropractic treatment) can cause more damage to the already degenerated, weak, and bulging discs.

Another method of care for slipped disc patients should avoid spinal alignments done by a bonesetter. Bonesetter is common in many countries, especially in Aisa. Bonesetters are traditional therapists who learn the art of bonesetting from others or previous generations. Bonesetting alignment of the spine is hugely cured and too general to help. It can paralyze you or fracture your spine.

What Is the Best Method Of Non-Surgical Treatment For A Slipped Disc?

The best non-surgical system of slip disc treatment is customizable to your specific condition. A slip-disc system of chiropractic combined with physiotherapy treatments is a great option. In other words, the physiotherapy and chiropractic care you get must be evidence-based and focused on repairing damaged spinal discs, spinal joints, and soft tissues through manual and therapy devices.