Spine Surgery & Slipped Disc Surgery

Can Spine Surgery Cure A Slipped Disc?

Patient undergoing slipped disc surgery by spine surgery team

Will spine surgery for my slipped disc cure the slip disc? The question is all too common for patients considering a slipped disc surgery. It is common for surgeons to be asked if the surgery cures their bulging and herniated discs. Contrary to what you may have heard, surgery is not a cure. Spine surgery would have been the first and only option if it had been a cure. Spine surgery is the last option for a slipped disc. Scholars are unified in their approach to slipped disc surgery by recommending it when a focused conservative course of care has failed to provide relief.

A combination of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitative care is the most effective conservative therapy approach for patients with prolapsed discs, disc herniations, or extruded spinal discs.

If you are a bulging, protruded, herniated, or extruded disc patient, you should initiate focused and highly specialized methods of conservative treatment specific for a slipped disc.

Surgery becomes an option when a comprehensive therapy approach fails! Leading experts recommend conservative treatments first because surgery has implications, which may lead to complications, needing repeated surgical interventions, including bone grafts, rods, and screws. To avoid the possible pitfalls of surgical intervention, you need to find effective alternatives that help your recovery without invasive procedures.

What Is The Best Alternative To Spine Surgery For Slip Discs

A slip-disc-specific method that combines chiropractic with physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a suitable alternative to spine surgery. The best and most effective system that incorporates slip-disc-specific techniques of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation is NSD Therapy®. NSD Therapy® is an excellent example of the best non-surgical program for patients with bulging, herniated, or extruded spinal discs.

At Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC), our primary treatment approach is through NSD Therapy® methods of slip-disc-treatments. It is an integrative and collaborative method that combines chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments through manual and specialized therapy devices such as:

  • Advanced spinal decompression therapy with the RxDecom®
  • High-intensity laser therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Cryo-Thermal therapy
  • Spinercise® (a focused rehabilitative device that strengthens spinal muscles)
  • Other physiotherapeutic modalities, including electrotherapy & ultrasound therapy

Getting the right combination of chiropractic with physiotherapy and rehabilitation is essential to avoiding slipped disc surgery. Specialized methods and therapy technologies are mandatory for chiropractic and physiotherapy to be effective in fixing or repairing the damage to spinal discs due to bulging, protrusions, herniations, or extrusions, including tears in the spinal discs.

Regardless of what you may have heard, Bowen therapy, Bowen technique, and other forms of massage cannot fix bulging or herniated discs. While Bowen therapy and myofascial release may produce a mild reduction in symptoms, they are short-lived and often come back days or weeks later. Moreover, some manual methods, including Bowen therapy and myofascial release techniques, should not be performed on patients with bulging or herniated discs. 

We invite you to contact one of our centers for a second opinion before undergoing slipped disc treatment programs at competing centers or surgical intervention. Getting the right therapy early is essential to avoiding slipped disc surgery!

slipped disc surgery patient speaking with spine surgeon

Who Should You Consult For  A Second Opinion Before Spine Surgery?

If therapy or slipped disc surgery is recommended for your neck or back, you should try to get a second opinion to explore your options. The purpose of the second opinion is to help you gather as much information as possible about your available options. Making the right therapy choice is your best aim at avoiding unnecessary treatments or surgery.

Surgical risks and potential complications are the leading reasons Harvard Medical School and others recommend spine surgery as a last resort. Had slipped disc surgery offered a proper fix, Harvard and others would have been the first to recommend surgery as the first option and not the last.

CSC has been treating neck and back pain, including severe bulging, herniated, and extruded discs, for over 15 years in Malaysia. Our clinical successes in improving patients without spinal injections or surgery testify to our methods' efficacy.

If Spine Surgery was cure, it Would Have Been the FIRST & NOT the LAST OPTION!

Snapshot of post page on Harvard Medical School website on spine surgery

Harvard Medical School recommends surgical intervention for slipped discs when the non-surgical means fail. Therefore, seek effective non-surgical to fix and repair your slip-disc. The key to a successful non-surgical outcome is the clinic you choose. The number one mistake a slip-disc patient can make: is seeking non-surgical solutions from a surgical center.

Our research has discovered that surgical centers are the least capable centers for fixing and repairing a slip-disc without spine surgery. The main reason they lack the ability is the limited therapeutic devices that improve and restore the spine without slipped disc surgery. In short, surgical centers concentrate on surgical interventions.

Another shortfall that surgical centers have is that they only use physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is excellent, but it cannot fix and repair a slip-disc as a standalone method. As such, the vast majority of patients seeking physiotherapy treatments alone fail to recover fully from slip discs. We recommend centers and clinics offering integrative solutions through chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications. An integrative conservative therapy program is more comprehensive as it employs a multifaceted approach.

Our mentioned centers and clinics are all integrative centers that combine multiple healthcare disciplines through advanced methods and breakthrough technologies.

Evidence-based care from skilled physical therapists and doctors of chiropractic equates to a holistic method of care for slipped discs. In short, our center gets better results. We hope we have covered the answer to surgery can cure slip-disc sufficiently.

Visit One of our Centers: We Can You Better Without Slipped Disc Surgery

CSC's spine care for slipped discs differs from that offered in competing centers. Our methods, systems, and technologies focus on specific areas needing improvement. Moreover, the physiotherapy and chiropractic care you get is exact and not through rotatory methods. You explore the efficacy of chiropractic and physiotherapy, the dos and don'ts of chiropractic, and the type of slipped disc physiotherapy you need when you visit us. In the meantime, please watch the short video below to understand what we do for most patients presenting with bulging or herniated discs.


NSD Therapy® is the best and most effective method of treating neck and back disc without slipped disc surgery or injection. NSD Therapy® is made possible through technology, chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and nutrition.  There are no silver bullets when it comes o fixing a slip-disc. The best means of care are those that offer a comprehensive therapy approach.

NSD Therapy® has outclassed and outshined all other forms of non-invasive procedures. NSD Therapy® can help even when the surgeon fails. So the answer to the question: Can slipped disc surgery cure slip discs is NO, it cannot! Check with us to find a certified NSD Therapy® Center near you.

NSD Therapy® as an alternative to spine surgery or slipped disc surgery

What is the Best Alternative to Slip Disc Surgery in Malaysia?

CSC offers Malaysia's best alternative to spine surgery. CSC's methods are through the combined efforts of chiropractors and physiotherapists, advanced mythologies, and breakthrough technologies for the spine and slipped discs. 

CSC has multiple centers throughout the Klang Valley; we have listed them below:

Chiropractic Specialty Center® also has five locations in Selangor:

To conclude, slipped disc surgery is not a cure, and it should be your absolute last option. Recovery from slipped discs is possible. Alternative to spine surgery can help you recover fully. However, you will need to get the correct form of alternative therapies. Treating slipped discs requires specialized skills, knowledge, and breakthrough spine methods and technologies; contact one of the centers mentioned on this page for an effective alternative to slipped disc surgery, spinal injections, or other forms of spine surgery in Malaysia today.

FAQs On Slipped Disc & Spine Surgery

Spine surgery becomes an option when your targeted and highly specialized conservative treatment approach fails.  As such, you should do your best to ensure that the care you get for a bulging and herniated disc is the best in town and based on sound clinical evidence. It would help if you did not waste time or effort on methods that are not effective. To help you understand these points we have provided answers to frequently asked questions from patients with bulging, herniated, and extruded spinal discs below:

Can a herniated and bulging disc be treated without spine surgery?

Herniated discs and bulging discs are treatable and recoverable without spine surgery. To recover, you need specialized slipped disc treatment provided interactively by chiropractors and physiotherapists using therapeutic devices specific to the spine.

Can manual massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, or the Bowen technique fix and repair herniated or bulging discs?

Bowen technique and all other forms of manual therapy, including Bowen therapy, are not a fix for your herniated or bulging discs. These are mere soft tissue manipulation and mobilization techniques that can make you feel better, but they will not repair any damage to the disc. There is no such proof regales of the claims made by practices.

What is the best alternative to slipped disc surgery?

The best and most effective alternative to spine surgery (slipped disc surgery) is a combination of physiotherapy with chiropractic. Chiropractic combined with physiotherapy is even more effective when provided through specialized devices such as spinal decompression therapy, high-intensity laser therapy, NSD Therapy®, and Spinercise®.