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Can Surgery Cure Slip-Disc? No, it can’t! Avoid Invasive Methods.

Before you opt for surgery, consult one of our non-surgical slip-disc experts.

can surgery cure slip-discOver the years we have had many questions from slip-disc patients. We wanted to write a bit about a common question we have been getting lately: Can Surgery Cure Slip-Disc? Well, the answer to this question is easy. Spine surgery is not a fix, but rather a patch performed to help stabilize a condition. At times, a surgical procedure needs repeating. Some have had three or more spinal surgical intervention for the same issues. Thus, so had it been an actual fix it there wouldn’t have been a need to reoperate.

Spine surgery has come a long way. It has improved over the years, but it is a somewhat high-risk surgical process. Far too many complications are associated with spine surgery, which prevents it from being classified as a fix for slip-disc. The higher risks of slip-disc surgery are the reason why Harvard Medical School and others are recommending spine surgery as a last resort. Had surgery offered a true fix, Harvard and others would have been the first to recommend surgery as the first option and not the last.

If Spine Surgery were a Cured a Slip-Disc, It Would Have Been the FIRST and Not the LAST OPTION! In Short, Surgery is NOT a CURE!

Harvard Medical School along with almost every published research recommends surgical intervention for a slip-disc when the non-surgical means fails. Therefore, seek effective non-surgical to fix and repair your slip-disc. The key to a successful non-surgical outcome is the clinic you choose for your non-surgical treatments. The number one mistake a slip-disc patient can make: seeking non-surgical solutions from a surgical center. Our research has discovered that surgical centers are the least capable centers to fix and repair a slip-disc without surgery. The main reason why they lack the ability is the limited therapeutic devices that fix and repairs a slipped disc without surgery. In short, surgical centers concentrate on surgical interventions when it comes to biomechanical spine disorders.

Another shortfall that surgical centers have is the fact that they only use physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is great, but it cannot fix and repair a slip-disc as a standalone method of care. As such, the vast majority of patients seeking physiotherapy treatments alone fail to recover fully from a slipped disc. In our centers, we provide integrative conservative treatment for slipped disc patients. Our methods are through the combined efforts of skilled physical therapists and doctors of chiropractic. Best of all, the care you get from our experts is combined with treatments rendered by breakthrough slip-disc specific therapy devices. In short, we get better results. Hope we covered the answer to can surgery cure slip-disc sufficiently.


NSD Therapy is physiotherapy-exercise and chiropracticVisit One of our Centers: We Can Fix your Slip-Disc Non-Surgically

Your best option for a non-surgical fix is to get care and treatments from a non-surgical clinic. You need to find a center that offers effective means without cutting or injecting into your spine. Use Google, ask friends, ask your surgeon or better yet visit one of our recommended centers from the “Contact Us” page of this website. We have done the research and have discovered and listed what we believe are the best of the non-surgical slip-disc centers.

To date, NSD Therapy® is the best and most effective method of treating a slip-disc without surgery or injection. NSD Therapy® is made possible through technology, chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and nutrition.  There are no silver bullets when it comes o fixing a slip-disc. The best means of care are those that offer a comprehensive therapy approach. NSD Therapy® has outclassed and outshined all other forms of non-invasive procedures. Check with us to find a certified NSD Therapy® Center near you. NSD Therapy® can help even when the surgeon fails. So the answer to the question: Can surgery cure slip-disc is NO, IT CANNOT!

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