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Can Physiotherapy Cure Slip Disc? Simply Put, It Can’t!

A common question from patients: “Can Physiotherapy Cure Slip-Disc?” Learn the best slipped disc therapy option.

can physiotherapy cure slip-disc

Learn Why Physiotherapy Will NOT Cure Your Slip-Disc?

Physiotherapy is a common treatment prescribed to slip-disc patients. But, physiotherapy alone has failed to provide the relief and cure needed by patients. Had physiotherapy alone been sufficient, hospitals would not be performing as many spine surgeries as they do! So, the answer to the question; can physiotherapy cure a slip-disc is NO. At least, not by itself.

Physiotherapy is helpful in reducing symptoms but has limitations when it comes to repairing the damage to a disc. Physiotherapy can cure slip-disc if it is through active clinical forms of physiotherapy, coupled with chiropractic and advanced spine specific technology. Physical therapy or physiotherapy can cure slip-disc when it is provided in an integrative clinical sitting, incorporating the use of breakthrough technology and research-based chiropractic. To date the best system for slipped disc repair through the NSD Therapy® methods of treatments.

Non-surgical slip-disc cure and treatments are possible only when you receive accurate, targeted treatments from an expert clinical team.

While general chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments can decrease the severity of pain, it does little regarding repairing or retracting your slip-disc. For complete recovery and retraction, you will need more than just physiotherapy or chiropractic. In fact, even the combined services of chiropractors and physiotherapists under one roof are not enough unless the care they give you is based on sound research and backed with excellent means and technology. in other words, chiropractors or physiotherapist need to have specialized machines, and advanced skills to repair and retract a slip-disc.

Chiropractic Specialty Center’s system of slip-disc therapy serves as an excellent model as they have succeeded when others have failed. Thier system of care utilizes specialized physiotherapy methods, systems, and technologies which are enhanced with Chiropractic for better results.

can physiotherapy cure slip disc

Can Physiotherapy Cure SLip-Disc? Learn Why Physiotherapy alone is Insufficient!

The best slip-disc treatment incorporates clinical research-based methods that address the actual cause. The first step is an accurate diagnosis that identifies the cause as well as all the co-conditions often present in a slipped disc. Physiotherapy fails when provided as a stand-alone treatment because it cannot target all issues comprehensively. The vast majority of physiotherapy centers concentrate their efforts on muscles relaxation and strengthening programs. Muscle weakness, spasms, tightening are common, but they the least of issues a slipped disc patient has. Nerve root compression, spinal cord compression, joint misalignments, inflammatory processes in spinal discs and spinal joints, as well as degenerative changes, are difficult to treat through physiotherapy alone.

To be fair, chiropractic alone also fail to cure slip-disc. Chiropractors concentrate their efforts on the proper alignment of spinal joints. Spinal joint misalignments are called subluxations. Subluxation is not the cause of your slip-disc. But, slip-disc will lead to subluxation. In short, the efforts of most chiropractors are often limited as it only deals with a singular aspect of a slipped disc. So, chiropractic and physiotherapy as standalone methods of care have failed. However, when Physiotherapy is combined with Chiropractic care, specialized spinal rehabilitation and a sound spinal decompression therapy system the results are almost magical. And that is the reason why we tret you through chiropractic, physiotherapy, and targetted rehabilitation that are backed by breakthrough slip-disc technology.

can physiotherapy cure slip disc

Can Physiotherapy Cure Slip-Disc? Well, not if it lacks chiropractic treatments and advanced therapy device such as the RxDecom®

RxDecom® is the Best Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Device for Slip-Disc

Devices other than the four listed above are traction units. It is just that simple. Regardless of what they may claim, traction is an old and antiquated technology that lacks the technology, software, programs, and sensors needed to decompress and retract a slip-disc. In other words, don’t expect them to repair or retract your slip-disc. You may feel better, but that will be temporally, and in time the pain will come back. The best of spinal decompression therapy device is the RxDecom®. The technologies and software used in the RxDecom® are superior to the rest. Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have accomplished clinical successes that would have been possible had it not been for the RxDecom®.

Can physiotherapy cure slip-disc was a common question from our patients. As mentioned, physiotherapy is a needed component of care provided for the slipped disc patient. But, as a singular means of correcting a slip-disc, it fails. So, if you suffer from a slipped disc, you need to opt for conservative treatments provided collaboratively by chiropractors and physiotherapists who use advanced therapy devices such as the RxDecom®. Should you have any questions about our topic: can physiotherapy cure slip-disc, please let us know.

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