Slip-Disc Blog Posts

Slipped Disc Blog To Help You Find The Best Therapy Option

Welcome to our slipped disc blog posts. This site and its published posts and blogs are dedicated to non-surgical conservative treatments of patients with slip disks.

Neck and back pain is a significant health issue impacting nearly everyone. Many are taking pain medication, injections, and surgery without proper advice. Slipped disc blog brings you articles and posts on natural and conservative treatment measures for spinal disc disorder and damage that cause neck and lower back pain to help you find the best therapy option without surgery or injections.

Leading experts, hospitals, and medical schools recommend conservative back and neck pain treatment before getting steroidal injections or spine surgery. We hope to become a portal for those seeking advice and pain caused by the various types of slipped discs we have listed below:

Disc Bulges
Prolapsed Disc
Disc Protrusion
Disc Herniation & Ruptured Disc
Disc Extrusion
Disc Fragmentation & Sequestration

Please feel free to share our pages, slipped disc blog articles, or post with friends and family. We have dedicated this entire site to slipped discs and what you can do to recover without surgery or injections; please feel free to contact our corporate headquarters with any questions related to bulging or herniated discs by calling us at +(60)3-2093-1000, we are ready to help advise you on natural remedies and treatments that get you better without going through invasive treatment.

What Remedies & Treatment Do Our Slipped Disc Blog Talk About?

Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best alternative to slipped disc surgery; contact us today before considering spine surgery. 

Multiple therapeutic and treatment options are discussed throughout this site and in different sections. Although we provide information on various types of medication, painkillers, and spinal injections, we encourage a conservative route. The best and most effective conservative treatment for patients with a slipped disc is the NSD Therapy® method. However, if you have difficulty finding an NSD Therapy® center near you, we encourage a combination of evidence-based chiropractic without physiotherapy, and rehabilitation through flexion-distraction therapy, spinal decompression therapy, and spinercise®. We hope you find our slipped disc blog posts helpful; if you need more help, call us.